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Located on Lexington Avenue at 68th Street, GUAPA, or the graduate student organization of the Dept of Urban Affairs and Planning at Hunter College, took back the street, building a sitting area just across from the 6 train entrance. Welcoming benches made from recycled shipping pallets from Build it Green!, were set up so people could take a break and have a cup of coffee or catch up with other students.  But aside from turning a street space into a public one, the Hunter students also wanted their fellow students to give them their green wish lists for the college. Passersby were asked to sign a list with their green innovation ideas for the school, or engage in green conversation with one of the representatives. To add some fun to the pop-up, there was also hopscotch, and a build your own park table, giving student a change to think about the design of public space.

Over on Museum Mile, Cloud Park popped up in the prime location – a spot right across from the Guggenheim! Designed by Brendan Warford and Linda Mendoza, dozens of light blue balloons adorn either side of a matching seesaw. Passersby are invited to take a ride as if they were kids in a playground. Each visitor was also invited to take a balloon with an accompanying quote from history.

We’re looking forward to next year’s Park(ING) Day and hope that more environmental and installation artists cease this incredible opportunity to transform a parking spot into a pop-up park!

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