Biking to work is about to get a whole lot greener. Not only are bicycles better for the Earth than driving and a great way to keep in shape — but a new bike concept recently unveiled by Bangkok-based Lightfog Creative & Design Company could actually purify polluted air as you pedal around the city. The bike’s aluminum frame is designed to generate oxygen through a “photosynthesis system” that initiates a reaction between water and electric power from a lithium-ion battery.

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Right now a prototype of the bike hasn’t yet been developed, but that didn’t stop the innovative new design from recently winning a Red Dot award. While many of the technical details aren’t completely fleshed out, the frame itself would convert sunlight into energy to run the oxygen-producing fuel cell battery. A filter placed between the handlebars would strip particulate matter from the air and release clean air toward the rider. The bike would even be able to continue releasing clean air while it’s parked, using battery power. It’s going to be exciting to follow this concept’s progress in the future as it becomes a reality.

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