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Because the KamerMaker is taller than it is wide, the pavilions or rooms that it prints have a small footprint. Not only that, but it uses recycled plastic waste as its main building material, meaning that the good people of Amsterdam can head down to the center of the city (Tolhuisweg 2) between 1pm and 5pm from Tuesday to Friday, donate their plastic waste, and check out what the world’s first movable 3D printer pavilion can actually do.

The DOEN Foundation of Amsterdam and the Creative Industries Fund NL are the main financial backers behind this extraordinary project, which has already produced windmills with rotating blades made of PLA plastic filament from Faberdashery. These don’t produce energy yet, but that is the ultimate aim. And then, DUS Architects also has plans to create the world’s first 3D printed canal house. If you missed the opening on 16 September, be sure to check out the shiny skyscraper as soon as you can. It’s pretty darn amazing.

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