Employing a similar design techniques as our favorite Scrapile – only with fabric – fashion label Piecelilly makes bags, purses and other unique accessories from recycled clothing scraps, fabrics and other found material. Design duo Jennifer Farrington and April Kline have developed a passion for recycling and reusing old materials. They spend their days haunting flea markets and estate sales, looking for that perfect piece of fabric that can be reborn into a unique Piecelilly product.

I am particularly impressed with the fact that these products are not just eco-friendly, but also super cute. Too often, well-meaning “recycled” design ends up looking like it came straight out of the recycle bin. Not Piecelilly. The designer’s skilled craftmanship transforms something that could be junky (face it, we are talking about old rags here) into sexy new objects.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I think Piecelilly’s bags, purses and house wares would make perfect gifts for family and friends. Better still, when you buy one you can rest assured knowing that your piece is a one-of-a-kind object, and no-one will ever find another one like it.

So if you like any of the pieces shown here, you better act fast, cause you’re going to have to fight me for them.

+ Piecelilly

Thanks Jennifer!