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Built for a family of five, the nearly 1300-square-foot V Lodge is located high in the mountains overlooking the village of Ål in the Norwegian county of Buskerud. The architects spatially divided the cabin into two distinct wings: the first wing stretches across the crest of the hill and comprises the living and dining areas, whereas the second wing houses the three bedrooms and playroom and gently descends down slope. “The cabin is gently placed on the slight slope of the site,” write the architects. “The volume creates small microclimate zones with beneficial sun conditions for outdoor activities and easy access from the interior.”

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Generous amount of glazing, such as the two glazed end gable walls, frame views of the landscape and bring in natural light. The architects lined the interior with untreated plywood sheets to continue the cabin’s wooden materials palette indoors and to complement the surrounding montane birch forest. The interior features minimalist decor with an open-plan layout in the communal wing; a concrete combined kitchen counter and fireplace divide the space into two separate seating areas.

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