The Nut Bench is fun, colorful and made from pineapple paper to boot! Bangkok-based Yothaka International creates hand-woven, modern Asian designs using local natural fibrous materials available in Thailand. The firm that pioneered the use of water hyacinth and Yan Lipao (a fern-like vine found in the South of Thailand) in furniture making has introduced a Pineapple Paper collection made from locally produced pineapple paper fiber. Pineapple leaf fibers are pressed, dyed and made into eco-friendly chairs, stools and benches.

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“We follow the world trends in décor when it comes to sizes, shapes and colors, but we maintain an Asian feel in our designs,” says Somchai Thanapolkiat, director of marketing and a partner in Yothaka. “It’s difficult to describe, but take a look at our products and it soon becomes apparent.”

Thailand is the first country to produce Pineapple Paper fiber and Yothaka’s new designs support the innovation by using it as the basis for its new furniture collection. While only Thai materials are used in their furniture pieces, Yothaka has ensured that Thai people based in rural areas benefit as well – roughly 90% of the company’s output is produced by Thais.

Nut Bench, $2,900 at Establishment
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