Suspended 60 feet above ground in the majestic red wood forest of Bonny Doon, California, this stunning pinecone-shaped treehouse was carefully crafted to let guests reconnect with nature. Designed by builder Dustin Fieder of O2 Treehouse, the Pinecone, which is listed on Airbnb, is clad in multiple diamond-shaped panels carefully layered to create the unique shape. The all-transparent facade provides guests with stunning 360-degree views of the dense tree canopy.

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pinecone shaped treehouse with a ladder

Suspended high up in the majestic redwoods, the stunning treehouse is virtually camouflaged into the dense forest just north of Santa Cruz. Guests to the treehouse can access the gorgeous tiny treehouse via a 30 – 60 degree alternating step access ladder. However, the steepness and height of the ladder is not for the faint of heart and there is a harness and ascension safety system for those who would like to take the safer way up.

pinecone shaped treehouse

pinecone shaped treehouse

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The entrance to the treehouse is through a trap door. Once inside, the full affect of the beautiful design is breathtaking. Multiple acrylic diamond-shaped panels were carefully crafted to create the pinecone-esque volume. On the interior, there is enough space for a double bed or two singles, both of which sit under a glass ceiling that provides the perfect opportunity to star gaze before drifting off to sleep. Guests can then enjoy the morning experience of filtered sunlight streaming through the transparent facade in the morning.

inside space with two single beds

interior of treehouse bedroom with one double bed

A catwalk bridge leads to the bathroom, which is housed in a mini treehouse structure on the ground. The wooden interior features a hot shower, composting toilet and sink. Again, a large glass window offers expansive views of the forest, letting guests continuously immerse themselves in the incredible surroundings at every step.

suspension bridge leading to treehouse

wood clad treehouse bathroom with large window

The Pinecone Treehouse is available to rent at Airbnb for just under $300 a night. Guests are advised to bring cold-weather gear.

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Photography via Garna Raditya and Alissa Kolom via O2 Treehouse

wooden bathroom with shower

pinecone shaped treehouse

pinecone shaped treehouse with ladder

pinecone shaped treehouse

pinecone shaped treehouse

pinecone shaped treehouse