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PinkCloud.DK’s recycled oil silos have everything we expect from a 21st century home, but first they have to be cleaned out. Detoxing the silos involves using in situ bioremediation – soil microbes that eat up harmful toxins. Once it is suitably cleaned, one or more families can move in. These 100% self-sustaining buildings have a green roof and green wall that absorb carbon dioxide and improve air quality, high-quality insulation, photovoltaic panels, a rainwater harvesting system and even a basement-level water storage area.

The house is heated with radiant flooring, and water with solar power. Energy efficiency is achieved through passive design, and each level of the home is reached by way of a pneumatic elevator. It’s possible to connect up whole communities of these recycled silos that would share underground heating and all other infrastructure necessary to run an off-grid home on renewable sources of energy.

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Via Arch Daily