Ohio-based Zyvex Technologies just unveiled the Piranha – a next-gen unmanned boat that is 75% lighter, 40% stronger, and 400% more fuel efficient than similarly-sized aluminum boats. The 54-foot vessel features a high-tech carbon fiber shell that harnesses nanotechnology to yield unparalleled gains in efficiency and performance, and it recently completed its testing off of Puget Sound.

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The Piranha’s secret is in its carbon fiber hull. Zyvex infused the carbon fiber material with carbon nano tubes to create an extremely strong yet light shipbuilding material. All this technology means the Piranha can travel 2,800 nautical miles before refueling. The green boat debuted this week at the Sea Air Space Show in Washington D.C. Attendees will evaluate the Piranha for uses such as fighting piracy and oceanographic surveying.

+ Zyvex Technologies

Via PhysOrg