Enamored by Apple’s iPad but not ready to drop $500 on another piece of tech? Check out the Pixel Pad! Made with environmentally friendly paper and vegetable-based inks, this clever notepad mirrors the physical attributes of the iPad, providing a humorously low-tech solution for high-tech gadget lovers.

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Referencing the new iPad’s dimensions, the Pixel Pad’s 10-inch pixel grid offers a “sketch detailed pixel-perfect interface” at regulation iPad size. True to form, the design also includes a four-screen storyboard format on the backside, and numerous 72×72-pixel iPad sized thumbnails to let you start tinkering with the icons that are soon to signify your amazing new app.

Described as a “revolutionary, magical and unbelievable design,” and priced at just $99, each Pixel Pad purchase includes 4 pads with 64 sheets of iPad interfaced “paper memory”, 8 bonus refill pads, 12 Crayola Markers, 4 Sharpies, 4 Pilot V-balls, 4 Bic-omatic Pencils… and best of all? Unlike its energy-powered kin, you don’t need any batteries or plugs to run it – it’s all fueled by your imagination!

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