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With over 250 bird and bug boxes available in the stunning sculptural art installation, birds can choose from a range of shapes and sizes of boxes to use for shelter, nesting or feeding spaces. The diverse complex of bird boxes were designed to reflect the architecture in the nearby Georgian terraces and 1960s flats that surround the park in Duncan Terrace Gardens and Cremorne Gardens. We love the strangely organic forms that are created by stacking these distinct modular box shapes together and are happy to hear that they have been woven together using elastic bands, which means the structure can change over time as the tree grows.

The ‘Spontaneous City’ installations have developed from a concept that the London Fieldwork duo initiated in 2008 with the Super Kingdom, where they created a series of animal ‘show homes’ for the Kings Wood, which included the Mussolini Bird House.

Image © London Fieldworks 2010