The classy Albert Reichmuth wine shop in Zurich, Switzerland may be one of the world’s greenest — thanks to its pixelated interior made from reused wine boxes. Swiss design firm OOS upgraded the traditional storefront with an immersive atmosphere of contemporary forms to create a surprising contrast – read on for a taste of how they did it.

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The interior’s pixelated spaces beg to be explored — 1,500 reclaimed and unbranded pine wine boxes create over a hundred mini display areas. The thoughtful placement of the boxes also creates seating and storage areas. The grid is carried into the tasting room, where the ceilings and walls immerse customers in the world of wine.

The store stocks mostly French wines, which are displayed in groups based on region and are carefully lighted to enhance the presentation. A wine-colored reception area anchors the space, standing out in contrast to the soft pine surroundings.

+ OOS Studios

Via Zeutch