It’s no secret that New Yorkers have a deep and passionate love affair with pizza, but all of those pizza boxes do take a toll on the environment. Pratt Industries, which specializes in recycled paper and packaging, thinks their pizza boxes made using 100-percent post-consumer paper from Staten Island’s legendary landfills can help. By combining NYC’s lust for the carbolicious treat with an environmentally conscious business approach, the company hopes to expand their efforts to ensure that all pizza consumed on Staten Island comes in a locally-sourced, environmentally friendly package.

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In an effort to get the word out, Pratt recently made 1,000 of the recycled pizza boxes and handed them out to nine pizzerias around the borough. The box tops were emblazoned with a line drawing of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and a giant stamp graphic declaring the receptacles’ “Made in Staten Island” and “100% Recycled” status proudly. By distributing the boxes at no charge, the company hopes to raise awareness for environmental business practices. The design was launched at a press event (we really hope it was a pizza party) at Goodfella’s Pizzeria on Victory Boulevard where media and city officials celebrated the boxes born from trash.

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Pizza is occasionally known to travel between boroughs in the city so this effort may also be a way for Staten Island pie shops to show the rest of the city what’s up when it comes to environmental responsibility. Officials from the Department of Sanitation and the City Council have agreed that the pizza boxes are also an effective way to demonstrate how recycling can work. Seeing an actual product that is made locally from their own trash may even encourage residents to recycle more, some council members say.

If you want to get your hands on a 100-percent recycled Staten Island pizza box, you’ll have to take out a pie from one of the restaurants Pratt gifted them to: Goodfella’s, A&S Pizza, Giovanni’s Trattoria, Giuseppe’s Pizza at St. George, John’s Pizzeria, La Campania, La Pizza, Pier 76, and Villa Monte.

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Images via SI Live and Goodfella’s Pizza.