Derived from the Italian word Piccolino meaning “Little One”, the creators of P’kolino’s Play Table and Play Tower have created innovative furniture for children that encourages them to learn and grow through play. Creators J.B. Schneider and Antonio Turco-Rivas were classmates in a full-time MBA program when they discovered their shared desire to create furniture specifically for children that can fit into an adult world. Research and development with the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) resulted in their first product, the P’kolino Play Table. The P’kolino Play Tower followed in vibrant colors, providing ample storage space in the form of a stackable ottoman.

P’Konlino’s mission is: To improve the play experience at home for both children and parents by designing innovative home play furnishings and accessories that are functionally smart and playfully stylish.

Made of bent maple, high density foam, and premium stain resistant fabrics, the P’kolino Play Table provides endless hours of entertainment for the young and old crowd alike. The bent wood table can be used as a normal desk or can be repositioned to use as a lounge, a toy ramp, or anything else that a young mind can imagine. The foam bench provides a soft seat or a rocker when flipped on its back.

+ P’kolino Play Table, $989.00
+ P’kolino Play Desk, $659.00
+ P’kolino Play Bench, $279.00

The P’kolino Play Tower shares the same versatility of the Play Table and can be utilized as an ottoman, a side table, and a storage bin. Packaged in threes, the P’kolino Play Tower allows you to pick from more than one of the fabulously bright colors, with the additional feature of vertical storage in an unexpected piece.

+ P’kolino Play Tower, $495.00
+ P’kolino Play Ottoman, $169.00