While prefabrication lends itself to making the simplest of homes, some designers have been getting mighty fancy with their prefabs lately. We don’t mind the bells and whistles, but as the people behind PLACE houses suggest, you can’t wear couture every day. That’s why they’ve created a kit house that is ready-to-wear.

PLACE houses promise to be smart, affordable and green. Designed by Seattle firm, Place Architects, the residences offer an array of customizable features, which manage to be both mercifully limited and abundantly personalized. I can just imagine Goldilocks exploring her options in the PLACEhouse, discovering that it’s neither too much nor too little of what she wants; this PLACE is just right.

PLACE houses come in four sizes and three design personalities. From start to finish, the process of ordering, manufacturing, delivering and constructing the house takes less than one year, and as little as six months. And unlike so very many of the prefabs that have emerged lately, you can actually have a PLACEhouse right now.

The website has a very well-organized set of package descriptions, floor plans, and material selections. Best of all, instead of CAD renderings, PLACE uses little dollhouse-like models to depict their offerings, and they’ve peppered the site with beautiful photography that exudes all the intimacy, color and character the firm seems to embody in their work.

+ www.placehouses.com