A full 10 years after its initial debut, Planet Earth will be returning to the small screen for a second season this year. Following in its own innovative footsteps as the first BBC nature documentary to be shot in high definition, the series will now be filmed in 4K. It is hoped the new spellbinding images will propel 4K technology, just as the initial series did for HD.

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The Atlantic reports on the creation of the new season’s six episodes, some of which were shot using drones over a period of three years. The familiar voice of David Attenborough will return to narrate the British release and hopes are high that Sigourney Weaver will once again charm U.S. viewers with her narration. This may be a disappointment for some fans, who petitioned to have rapper Snoop Dogg lay down his smooth vocals for the documentary.

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The original Planet Earth series took the world by storm by employing revolutionary filming techniques and the second season promises to show how it has kept up with the times. The incredibly detailed shots are expected to showcase all of 4K’s glory, as there has not been much to appear on TV so far to truly show viewers what the technology is made of. The new season will air later this year and hopefully blow viewers away, much like the first season.

Via The Verge, The Atlantic

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