Step aside, David Attenborough, there’s a new king of the jungle. Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Snoopzilla, and a man of many talents, can now add another title to his resume: nature documentarian. Planet Snoop made its worldwide debut last week with an episode featuring an epic battle between a squirrel and a snake. Put this on the list of things you didn’t know you wanted but could now not imagine living without.

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The wild adventure began when late-night host Jimmy Kimmel took a chance on the fresh-faced rookie Snoop and aired his first naturalist experiment, Plizzanet Earth. “What is these animals?” Snoop wondered aloud, giving voice to his audience’s thoughts. “Is these mongooses? I ain’t never seen a gator get punked by no mongooses.” Once the Internet had its first taste of blood, the masses swarmed in like hungry sharks. Over 60,000 people signed a petition that aspired to “Get Snoop Dogg to Narrate [the] Whole Season of Planet Earth.” Inspired by such commitment to documentary film making, Snoop embraced nature’s call to narrate.

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Hardly a newcomer to nature, Snoop Dogg wears his affection for the natural world on his (record) sleeve. First, there was Snoop’s 1992 breakout hit and pro-forest anthem “Pine and Spruce.” In a bold move during an anti-government era, Da Doggfather would later team up with Dr. Dre (Ph.D in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) to release 2001’s “Still E.P.A.” And who can forget Mr. Dogg’s 2004 classic “Release It If It’s Caught,” which reminded an anxious nation that the human being and fish can co-exist peacefully. If Planet Snoop is a sign of the future, Dogg lovers are in for treats to come.


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