The life of a jetsetter, business traveler, or globetrotter can be exciting and fast-paced, but also un-green, as even a short flight spews an awful amount of carbon into the atmosphere. But now at least your trips to and from the airport can be more eco-friendly, with PlanetTran’s hybrid car service operating in Boston and now in the San Francisco Bay Area. I had the pleasure of enlisting their services yesterday, riding to the Oakland airport in all the style and comfort of a Toyota Prius. The service is a great option for corporate and business travelers who want the convenience of a cab and the luxury of a limo or towncar (pricing is somewhere in the middle as well). PlanetTran also boasts wonderful customer service, a user-friendly online booking service, and even wireless internet in their fleet of Priuses.

PlanetTran has been serving the Boston Metropolitan area since 2003, and just this past month have introduced service in the Bay Area to the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Airport. Their hybrid service offers a great green option to the usual gas-guzzling fleets of Lincoln Towncars, and could very well be a new model for the car service industry. “We’re anticipating a great demand for this service,” said Knox McMullan, Vice President of PlanetTran’s Western Region, whom I interviewed as we drove to Oakland. “We offer an environmentally-friendly option for travelers and great customer service.” Of course, he was preaching to the converted. PlanetTran gets a big thumbs up from this jetsetter!

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