Impossible Foods is an up-and-comer in the field of sustainable, plant-based replacements for meat and dairy products. The four-year-old company recently acquired an impressive $108 million from different investors, including Bill Gates, to further its mission, adding to a previous $75 million round of investments. Does this mean plant-based burgers are the way of the future?

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Patrick Brown founded Impossible Foods after a 25-year biochemistry career and the successful co-founding of Kite Hill, which sells cultured nut milk cheeses and spreads to Whole Foods and other health food stores. The positive response from this company’s creamy, artisanal products has been mounting over the years and the world seems ready for what Impossible Foods will create next. The recipes are unknown, so far, but using greens, whole grains, and seeds to make a better burger is the plan. This round of investors included Viking Global Investors, Khosla Ventures, Horizon Ventures, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

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Impossible Foods was in the news a few months ago after Google attempted to buy the company, yet failed to come up with the kind of cash Brown was seeking (more than the offered $200 and 300 million). Judging by the company’s current momentum, it seems it’s been worth it to continue on their current route.

What may set this start-up apart from other successful plant-based companies is their tag line: “We love meat. We love cheese. And for thousands of years we have relied on animals to make them. Impossible Foods has found a better way.” It may be an assumption that those who eschew animal products dislike the taste, which may be true for some, but for many the truth is that cheeseburgers taste good.

Impossible Foods, along with other innovative companies such as Kite Hill and Beyond Meat, have made it their mission to create foods that satisfy taste buds as well as the booming population’s needs. It cannot be denied that animal agriculture will only become less sustainable as the amount of people on Earth is projected to hit between 9.5 and 13 billion by 2100. These companies are paving the way to more responsible eating.

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