Tech giants Peter Thiel and Bill Gates introduced a revolutionary new product to the public this week, and it had nothing to do with computers or software. Beyond Eggs from Hampton Creek Foods is a plant-based “artificial egg” that is meant to replace the animal products in everything from baked goods to mayonnaise. In addition to creating a vegan alternative, the invention could also help those in developing countries secure a cheap source of protein.

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In order to recreate the function and taste of eggs, Hampton Creek Foods selected 12 plants, some of which are widely grown in Canada. The team has already perfected a mayonnaise substitute and a replacement for cakes and cookies. Scrambled eggs still present a challenge, but the company hopes to develop a mix soon that will act as a perfect all-around surrogate.

Beyond Eggs made its market debut at Whole Foods, where it went on sale this week in California. Hampton Creek Foods is in talks with other supermarkets and manufacturers around the world to get their product on even more shelves. The plant-based egg costs 18 percent less to make than its battery-produced counterpart and eliminates the need for growing feed or handling the waste associated with farms. With backing from Bill Gates, the Silicon Valley-based firm is poised to tackle hunger in the third world and challenge factory-based agriculture.

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Via Daily Mail