Sustaining life for nearly eight billion people is a heavy task for any planet, as Mother Earth is repeatedly reporting. When it comes to food production for the masses, we’ve got to start being more conservative, efficient and innovative. So when a company steps forward with a plant-based alternative to milk, it’s always worth further investigation. 

A hand holding the Not Milk container pouring into an overflowing blue cup

Called NotCo, the company is working with the philosophy that producing animal products harms the planet. They’re not wrong. The argument might not hold on a small regenerative farm, but the way we’re currently producing animal-based food products is unpleasant for livestock and toxic to the environment. Plus, it consumes massive amounts of water and energy, while stripping the land of its fertile soil. 

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A little kid with a bowl of overflowing cereal and milk with the Not Milk container in front of him in a green room

NotCo produces NotMilk, which “sips, slurps and froths like milk, but it’s made from 100% plants.” It also requires less energy and water to produce than animal milk, and cuts down on carbon production as well. 

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If you’re working towards progress not perfection, NotMilk has crunched some numbers to make the transition to plant-based milk more rewarding. It reports each glass of NotMilk that replaces regular milk saves 275 gallons of water, 16 kilowatt hour of energy or 13 pounds of CO2. The company’s mission is to make food that tastes like the animal products you’re accustomed to, but remove the animals from the equation for a healthier body and environment. 

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NotCo does more than convert nuts into a milk substitute. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Almond milk is ubiquitous for a reason. But what makes NotCo stand out is the technology at the foundation of the products. In short, they built an algorithm that analyzes animal products and replicates the design using similar molecules in plants. Dubbed Giuseppe, the program puts together combinations that most closely resembles the original thing. 

A Not Milk carton laying flat with measuring cups filled with different ingredients above it on a white marble countertop

Currently, the company is producing 1%, 2% and Whole NotMilk. They are all void of gluten, lactose, soy, cholesterol and GMOs. The ingredient list is right on the webpage and includes, “water, sunflower oil, pea protein, contains less than 2% of: sugar, pineapple juice concentrate, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, gellan gum, acacia gum, salt, monocalcium phosphate, natural flavor, cabbage juice concentrate, vitamin D2, vitamin B12.”

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