The paper industry estimates that Americans used more that 23 billion dollars worth of paper cups last year – and as much as we love taking our morning coffee and tea on the go, the trash truly adds up. Fortunately, the geniuses at Repurpose Compostables recently invented an eco-friendly plant-based, insulated cup that can be composted in 90 days. The amazing cup has been available to the food service industry for the past year and it just became available to the masses at Bed Bath and Beyond. The cups are made from FSC-Certified paper, their manufacturing process produces 65% less CO2 than traditional paper cups, and they are completely non-toxic.

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Traditional insulated cups are made with extra layers of paper, which wastes a great deal of material. The addition of a petroleum lining makes them nearly impossible to recycle as well. Repurpose Compostables utilizes a patented insulation material on a “single wall” cup that is not only plant-based and clean but also requires no heat sleeve! The company encourages using the cup compost to grow your own plants.

The compostable cup won first prize in sustainability at the Speciality Coffee Association of America annual show as well as the “Most Innovative New Product” award at the Coffee Fest show in Chicago this year. Available both in stores and online, the cup could seriously impact our carbon footprint and encourage the further production of compostable products. Repurpose Compostables plans to extend their line of compostable alternatives throughout the next year.

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images courtesy of Repurpose Compostables and creative commons user quinnanya