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The Mobile Green Living Room is constructed from living wall modules (WABA-system) attached to an Abroll-Container platform. A wide variety of plants are grown on the wire-cube modules to show off the versatility and beauty of living walls. These freestanding 3D living walls provide shade, create a cooling microclimate, and help purify the air. Each semi-autonomous Mobile Green Living Room can be easily transported via truck and is equipped with an onboard water tank with a weeklong capacity and irrigation system.

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“Green Living Rooms are an example of how one of the green comfort zone solutions can be realised in high-density urban areas on heavily sealed surfaces where competition for usable space is at a premium,” says TURAS. “The Green Living Room represents an example of a new hybrid type of project. Rather than tackling climate change on a city-wide strategic level, they provide oases for communities at the heart of the most in-need areas.” The Mobile Green Living Room is currently touring Europe and is headed to Frankfurt after a brief stint in London.


Images via TURAS