This week, California lawmakers are meeting to discuss monumental legislation that could banish plastic bags once and for all from The Golden State. To raise awareness for this landmark move, a hundred plastic bag monsters are invading San Francisco! They’ll gather at Ghiradelli Square on August 12th (presumably suffocating birds, clogging drains and creating a general nuisance). That Thursday also marks the beginning of one particular monster’s cross-country trek on a motorcycle as he supports the end of plastic bags and, well, scares the bejeezus out of plastic manufacturers.

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Bag Monster Zero is one Andy Keller, of Chico Bags — a manufacturer of reusable shopping bags. While he obviously has a vested interest in eliminating the carrying competitor, there’s no denying that plastic bags are a scourge upon the planet. They’re responsible for the deaths of more than a million birds every year, and can persist in the environment even when properly disposed of. Each “Bag Monster” is created with 500 used sacks — the number that the average American uses every year. Keller will be headed out to 15 cities considering plastic bag bans, organizing hordes of bag monsters along the way. What pleasant anti-plastic nightmares!

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