For too long, the fashion industry has contributed to the environmental problems that continue to make the world a polluted place. This RAFFAUF clothing collection made with plastic bottles shows how high-end fashion and doing the right thing can come together in a fabulous way.

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Two models wearing deep purple jackets

Everything in this collection from RAFFAUF is recycled. That means the outer fabric, the padding, the zippers, all of it. Some of this is thanks to “Recycled Glamour.” This is a special fabric that is made completely out of recycled plastic bottles. The end result is a shimmering, slightly ribbed dark purple material that absolutely stands out. Meanwhile, the rich purple shade is perfect for fall and winter fashion.

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Long, deep purple jackets being worn

To make this material, PET bottles were collected in northern Italy. These bottles were then melted and spun into threads while the threads were woven into recycled polyester fabric. In fact, recycled polyester consumes 60% less energy and 90% less water than virgin polyester.

A jacket with a hood made with recycled plastic bottles

As for the PET bottles, they’re part of an enormous plastics crisis. To be frank, the Earth is covered in the stuff. There are enormous floating piles of it in the ocean that represent only a fraction of the story. For all the plastic you see floating on top of the blue ocean, just as much plastic is below. And that’s just in the water. What’s more, single-use plastics like plastic bottles make up about half of all the plastic pollution on the Earth.

Recycled Glamour made into a short jacket

Moreover, Recycled Glamour and products like it help to resolve the plastic problem. Additionally, the collection is made with classic silhouettes in trendy designs, with A-line cuts, distinct cuff detailing and shawl collars with hoods. Small accents also add detail to the design, and fitted drawstrings allow you to customize the way you look.

The clothing line is a gorgeous example of how fashion can create a path forward by fixing problems in the present. Fashion can change the world, so that’s exactly what this Recycled Glamour material from RAFFAUF is trying to do.


Images via RAFFAUF / David Kavaler