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The Clouds Observatory was built atop the Casa Decor rooftop terrace, an outdoor entertaining space with a bar, moveable seating, artificial turf, and potted plants. Carolina González Vives’ urban intervention provides much-needed shade to the space and draws the viewer’s eyes up and out towards the magnificent skyline. The oasis-like installation mimics processes in water-rich and shaded natural landscapes, which can dissipate up to 70% of solar radiation.

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The three spherical inflatable pods are constructed from lightweight plastic sheeting. “Under them, vaporization forms a denser and fresher air,” writes Vives. “Unlike air conditioning, which cools a space heating an adjoining one, energy embedded in vapor particles migrates to upper layers of the atmosphere, decreasing the warming of the soil and building materials.” The cloud theme is emphasized with the addition of mirrored surfaces with printed cloud-like images.

+ Carolina González Vives

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Images via Carolina González Vives