Fusing the two important messages of literacy and recycling, The Children’s Book Museum in the Hague created a delightful new exhibition dubbed ‘Papiri’ that features a floor to ceiling book clad environment for folly. Designed by the Platvorm agency and Grob Enzo, the exhibition is a room of upcycled walls made from books, which also includes interactive media and games that encourage kids to cultivate a love for reading and writing.

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A concept developed by the museum, the exhibition interior combines the feeling of curvaceous ice caves and contrasting deep red gorges with white tree forms, interactive screens, and plenty of multi-level areas to sit and read! Throughout the exhibition, words are written and printed on the walls, which have been scratched away by the evil “Ink-Gobbler.” Children can follow the villain’s mischief, and help beat his word-destruction by not only reading, but by writing their own stories or lyrics using the touchscreens and interactive computers.

Although chock-full of innovative technology, the exhibition also pays tribute to the printed book — Platvorm created curving walls, nooks and alcoves comprised entirely of upcycled hardbound books. The title spines are facing inward, accentuating the tradition of the paper page.

Thus far the exhibition has been met with great success, creating an environment for kids to learn, write and play. They’ve even had kids curl up right in the exhibition to read books- now that’s what we like to hear!

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+ The Children’s Book Museum in the Hague

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