Play Rethink: The Eco-Design Game is a brand new board game with an eco-design twist. Players are asked to rethink existing, everyday products through the lens of environmentally friendly design. Redesign a chair using locally sourced materials or come up with new functions for an old shopping trolley — the goal of the game is environmentally friendly thinking and eco-design creativity!

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The Business and IP Centre at the British Library in London played host to the launch event on Wednesday, demonstrating one of its main purposes in helping young inventors push new products to market. Alastair Faud-Luke, of The Eco-Design Handbook fame, gave a short presentation and interesting background into the game showing the selected audience what he thought eco-design was all about. Are we all turning into co-designers? Next up were The Fun Fed who entertained us with some creative Chinese whispers with a difference and some ice breaker games.

While it helps to have an understanding of the basics of eco-design, the game is really meant for anyone and brings people together to bring to light ideas which use existing products and open up new opportunities. The aim of the game is to spin a wheel ingeniously integrated into the box and then choose a play card based on the wheel result. Players then draw new ideas based around the play card. It definitely opens ones mind to the possibilities of changing the way that we currently use and make our products. Do they have to have one function, or can they do several things at once? Do they need to be made out of material from the other side of the world or can they be sourced locally?

Play Rethink: The Eco-Design Game