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Founder Willie Hoffman handcrafts each piece from sustainable materials in New Haven, Connecticut. Drawing upon his training as a designer and carpenter, Hoffman creates fun and multifunctional furnishings that delight young and old alike. The pieces in Playable Studio’s furniture line are made from FSC certified wood, and they are VOC-free. Instead of creating a restrictive environment where children are told “NO,” Playable Studio says a resounding YES. “Don’t touch” becomes “please play,” fostering young minds to push their creativity to the limit while having fun.

The naturally flowing curves of the coffee table can be flipped into a cozy bench for little readers, or even a slide. The end table doubles as a stool for mom or dad, or a small rocker for a toddler. The pieces can also function as shelving and storage. Playable Studio offers eco-friendly solutions to outfit your home that your kids will appreciate too.

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