All around the America people are reclaiming the streets from the grasp of the greedy, gas-guzzling automobile. First there was Rebar’s PARK(ing) project, where a rogue bunch of San Francisco activists started turning vacant parking spots into mini-parks. Now we discover P(LOT) – a project by Micheal Rakowitz to reclaim parking spaces and turn them into mini mobile living areas, in the form of tents made from recycled car-covers!

(P) LOTquestions the occupation and dedication of public space and encourages reconsiderations of “legitimate” participation in city life. Contrary to the common procedure of using municipal parking spaces as storage surfaces for vehicles, (P) LOT proposes the rental of these parcels of land for alternative purposes.

Clever idea, I just wonder if this isn’t a bit too reminiscent of real-life tent cities in places like San Francisco. I know this is a “conceptual project” but still…

Via Worldchanging