The world’s first factory built-to-order solar-powered EV charging station was recently unveiled at the 2010 International Green Energy Expo in Korea in a bid to raise awareness and push the potential for electric vehicles in Asia. Developed by SunPods SP-300, the ready-to-use solar powered platform is called the EV Plug-N-Go and has been designed especially to cater to public agencies, institutes and companies with infrastructural utilities that use solar power. By installing the platform, these buildings will be able to power and charge any plug-in-hybrid electric vehicles, electric industrial utility vehicles and other EVs that may be on site.

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According to SP-300, the solar-powered platforms are “ideal for both on-grid and off-grid installations. They are capable of compensating carbon-based grid power as well as optimal power storage in utility grid and distribute the power as needed to the EVs. Called as ’smart-grid capable’ and ’smart-grid enabled’, the SP-300 allows power input and output from both grid-connected power sources and solar power sources as efficiently at peak demand.

The electric vehicle industry has been taking off in Asia in recent years, and in in Korea there is significant interest in utilizing green power in transportation systems. The SunPods charging system could give the market the boost it needs. The design was the brain child of SunPods in San Jose, CA and Semi Materials, Inc. of Seongnam City, Korea, .

The EV Plug-N-Go was showcased last month at the Clean Tech Open in San Jose. At the time, Michael Gumm, Executive Vice President & Co-Founder of Sun Pods Inc. said, “Our unique business model is an excellent example of creating change using market available products by re-thinking traditional practices.

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