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HMMY’s Plug + Play proposal for an electric vehicle charging station serves as an urban battery and renewable energy generating system. Oriented so the maximum surface area is facing the south, the station is covered in a photovoltaic film and generates its own power. Like a battery indicator, the station is lit up with a LED light when it is fully charged, and dims down as it powers an electric car. Its shape is inspired by the traditional form of cooling towers from power plants, and the extra power generated is returned to the grid, or taken when there is not enough sun.

Cars pull into the lifted side, park and plug in for a 30 minute charge. These stations are located throughout the city and take up just two parking spots. The goal for these chargers would be to place them in visible areas in a variety of places to form a decentralized grid. Users of the stations can park and power up while they take time to relax or play in a nearby park, watch tv on a screen inside, hop out to do shopping, grab something to eat or even get a workout in.

Plug + Play is modular, distributed power system that challenges the traditional centralized framework currently in place, and works to change our perception of energy use in our modern lives.

Via ArchDaily