Studies show that standing desks can confer a lot of health benefits, but the models currently on the market tend to be large and heavy – not the best for workers who need to move around a lot and stay fleet on their feet. Enter the Plunk Desk – a lightweight and adjustable standing desk that can be folded up for easy transportation. The elegant desk weighs in at just 7 pounds, and each one is handmade in Los Angeles.

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The Plunk Desk‘s design couldn’t be simpler – it consists of an aluminum base that supports a thin wooden work surface. Each desk is handcrafted in just three parts, and it comes with a custom bag for easy transportation. The desktop measures 20″ x 15″ and it’s perfect for any laptop or tablet up to 17″. The base can be adjusted from 16″ up to 50″ – useful for anyone up to 6′ 3″ tall! This makes the Plunk Desk a versatile piece of furniture for anyone interested in working on their feet.

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