The Plus House embraces its Nordic roots and rural setting as a thoroughly modern take on the Swedish barn house. The two-story prefab is situated in Tyresö and was designed by the award winning Claesson, Koivisto, and Rune architects for Arkitekthus. We love how their distinctive design melds a classic wood-paneled profile with ethereal day-lit interiors, synthesizing traditional structure with the best in ultra-efficient modern construction.

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Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune are three young architects who have taken Sweden by storm since they opened their Stockholm practice in 1993. The trio have proven themselves through over 200 projects, garnering numerous awards for their distinctive architecture, interior design, and furniture.

In Plus House, the team took a fail-proof approach to the structure’s insulation, glazing pretty much everything: “Instead of windows positioned like regular ‘holes’ along the walls, entire sides are glazed. On the entrance floor both long walls are glazed. On the upper floor the gable ends are glazed. Seen in plan, these two lines of vision straight through the building are perpendicular like a plus sign”

We’re big fans of the house’s ample use of natural light and its beautiful suspended wood slat staircase that adds to the home’s airy interior. The only negative we can find is its price; the Plus House adds up to between $640,000 and $837,000.

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