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Contrasting with the centuries-old City Hall of Montreal behind it, the oblong hexagonal pop-up pavilion gleamed against the bright greenery of the grassy lawn in the plaza. Referencing arrowheads from natives that once roamed the land, the pavilion is dotted with triangular cut outs in the smooth white façade. A layer of bright red transparency splotches color to the exterior, matching the sloping red of the roof.

Inside, the transparent red roof and triangular port holes naturally illuminate the cozy interior. Guests can relax inside, sitting on a gradated stairway, and peer through the cut outs to Old Montreal outside. Throughout the day, the triangles cast different shadows and light that change as the sun moves across the sky. At night, the installation glows like a red sculpture in the center of the square. The transparent ceiling is dimly illuminated by a line of LED lights, giving a warm glow outside.

Plux.5’s pop-up pavilion is a modern and abstract interpretation of elements of Quebecois architecture and history. Its contrast and energy efficiency gives locals a new perspective on their city’s landscape.

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