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Poetic Cosmos of the Breath, solar dome, Tomas Saraceno, floating cities, utopia, architecture, green design, sustainable design, eco-design, art, temporary design

Saraceno is renowned for his conceptual work with floating cities, all of which to date have married art and architecture in some astounding ways. The Poetic Cosmos of the Breath was made of foil that shimmered with rainbow colors when the dawn light reflected on the exterior material. Inflated and weighted down with sandbags, the dome was sheer and almost translucent – just like a cloud.

Art blogger Michaela Crimmin, who witnessed this spectacular event, wrote “his is why I work with artists – this is a serious, magical, unique, positive experience. This is invigoration for the Green movement, for the Climate Change lobby, for the scientists pouring over statistics and charts. Thanks to Saraceno and to Arts Catalyst we who were there will remember this morning for the rest of our lives.” As Saraceno continues to experiment with utopian floating cities, each new construct becomes progressively more complex.

+ Tomas Saraceno

Via Fastco Design

Photos by David Cottridge