With tomorrow being the all-American sunshine-basking, BBQ-eating, firework-watching extravaganza of the year, we thought it apt timing to feature an innovative lounge chair idea. Designer Sascha Akkermann has devised an ingenious aid for summertime relaxation. His Poissonmobile functions both as a mat (organic picnic anyone?) and a tres elegante chaise lounge, perfect for profiling in your preferred outdoor envirornment. And when you’re done, roll it up and just tuck it away next to your beach towel. It’s that compact.

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The inspiration for the piece came from the little reed mats used to make sushi. Sascha’s goal was to use a flexible surface to achieve a stable body. According to the designer, the tensile strength of the material and ergonomics of the human body created restrictions that made the shape of the chaise almost inevitable.

Currently the Poissonmobile is only available from the designer. Plans are underway to start manufacturing them in China. Expect the mass produced PM’s to be lighter and available in a variety of colors. Mr. Akkerman’s email did mention one little phrase we found slightly troubling: “synthetic material”. If you have a second please, write him an email: [email protected]. Tell him how much you love his work. Let him know how much better it would be if he mass produced them with recycled materials. It’s never too late.

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