These days it’s hard to deny that global warming is melting away our precious glaciers, and, sadly, the animals living in the polar regions are the ones that are suffering most.  Using this dire fact as her inspiration, Jovana Bogdanović from Young Serbian Designers sends a clear and provocative message regarding a specific endangered species – the polar bear.  Showcased during Milan Design Week, Sugar Bear is a sugar cube in the shape of a polar bear that will slowly melt away in your morning cup of tea or a coffee.

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The message on the packaging of the thought-evoking sugar asks:

How many polar bears did you drown?

Polar bears are an endangered species because of global warming. Their land is ice, the ice is melting and more and more polar bears are drowning.  Awareness of global warming can be raised with the smallest details.  A sugar bear melting in a tea or coffee is a small illustration of how quickly they can disappear.  “How many polar bears have you drowned in your morning coffee or in life?”

+ Young Serbian Designers

+ Milan Design Week

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