A former police officer was convicted of three felonies after killing a beloved bull elk in Border, Colorado. Sam Carter was on duty in the Boulder area on New Year’s Day 2013 when he shot and killed an elk known to locals as “Big Boy.” The killing sparked an outrage, a memorial and an investigation which revealed that Carter had committed forgery, tampered with evidence, and attempted to influence a public official in order to cover up the killing.

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Big Boy was grazing under a crabapple tree when Carter fired on the animal. After shooting the elk, Carter didn’t report firing his weapon and claimed that the animal was injured and that he was putting it down. But evidence later showed that the poaching was planned in advance.

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All told, Carter, who faced six years in prison, was convicted of three felonies and nine charges total and will only be forced to complete 200 hours of community service rather than jail time. He will also need to pay over $10,000 in fines. Brent Curnow, a second former officer who participated in the crime, took a plea deal and will serve 60 days of detention and probation for the crimes. And the fate of Big Boy? Carter and Curnow carted the animal away in a pickup truck so they could butcher the poor animal for its meat.

Via Fox News

Image via Boulder Police Department