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Polikatoikea, Filipe Magalhaes, Ana Luisa Soares, origami competition, urban design, modular housing, urban housing, ikea

Filipe Magalhaes and Ana Luisa Soares collaborated on Polikatoikea for the Origami Competition to design a new urban infill housing strategy for Porto, Portugal. Their plan is a modular concept that builds new spaces as needed in a variety of sized lots or even on top of existing buildings. The infill lots are filled with open-air platforms, each of which become a new plot for an individual home. Each home owner or inhabitat then buys a prefab, pod home that is placed on the platform.

The pod home contains all the necessary elements of a home including a bed, storage, a kitchenette and bathroom. The pod is hooked into utilities supplied to each platform level and sits in the space as a house does in a yard. The rest of the platform is used by the inhabitant as outdoor living space and enjoys views, breezes and a greater living area. With the pleasant climate of portugal outdoor living is highly possible and only a very small conditioned and protected living space is really necessary.

Over time, more platforms can be built on top of each other and expand out onto rooftops and other abandoned spaces. The pods would be built by an outside manufacturer, possibly Ikea, and owned by the individual. In theory, the pod home could be transported and relocated if necessary. Polikatoikea won first prize for the Origami Competition.

Via ArchDaily