In many people there is some kind of protest awakening, but only the bravest go further and take it to the next step. Polish documentary “Off the Grid” presents the lives of the people who have chosen to live outside the conforms of society in an attempt to return to nature and self-sufficiency. In this documentary, you will meet a man who has been living without money or documents for six years. You’ll also get to know a “freegan”, who not only eats what has been discarded, but also brings food to distribute amongst others and cooks for the poor. And finally, you will meet an architect who is engaged in promoting natural construction techniques and community initiatives.

At a first glance, they have nothing in common but in reality each of them is trying to improve the system around them in their own way. Each hopes that their small steps will lead to giant leaps forward, transforming the world around us. This inspiring documentary follows Natalia Hatalska (one of Poland’s more influential bloggers) from Warsaw to Berlin as she tries to understand this growing movement and the people who have decided to lead their lives this way.

Off the grid is the 2nd episode of the “OnOff” documentary series project, which focuses on current and coming social trends.

+ Hatalska

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