We’ve featuredcardboard furniture here at Inhabitat loads of times before, but we love how this set of chaise lounges, tables and chairs by Antonela Dada y Bruno Sala gives recycled cardboard tubes a second chance to escape the landfill. Cardboard is light, foldable, easily recycled, biodegradable and most importantly, a very cheap and readily available material.

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Industrial designersAntonela Dada y Bruno Sala met while studying at the Buenos Aires Architecture and Design University, and it was there that they discovered the potential that free, raw materials like cardboard can lend to their design process and products. Their first experiment with the material was an exhibition stand, and they’ve gone on to design a complete set of furnishings.

After University, they organized their work under the brand name Pomada and secured a steady flow of cardboard tubes after a mind-opening visit to a local cardboard factory. Their cardboard furniture is made from 30 cm-wide cardboard tubes, which are cut and sanded before they slide into frames made from plywood or recycled OSB.

After the tubes are glued together, the product is covered with a clear hydro lacquer that preserves each piece. Unfortunately, Argentina is still far behind the recycling movement, so we love to find out about up-and-coming design studios that are doing their part to contribute to a world where less rubbish is produced — or at least, where more things are produced out of rubbish.

Photos © Pomada