When we first saw this living, growing Garden Chair we quickly found ourselves captivated by its whimsical nature and perfect union between pure green design and functionality. But don’t be confused. What looks like something straight out of Narnia, is in fact the product of an ingenious method of tree shaping developed by a couple of artists at Pooktre!

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Unlike many of the “tree chairs” that have been surfacing lately, the Garden Chair forgoes introducing any man made materials, and remains a completely organic, living piece, meaning no excess, no waste and more oxygen! The unique design also creates a lasting relationship between the user and the object. Each chair has been pre-designed and cared for with the utmost attention – grown, tended to, twisted and formed over the course of 7-8 years – but able to continually change and evolve with or without the same diligence.

The idea first came about over 20 years ago when Peter “Pook” Cook, a free-spirited entrepreneur living in the mountains of Australia, wondered if it would be possible to grow his own chairs. Unaware of anyone else practicing tree shaping in the world, Pook toyed with this idea for years, conducting numerous experiments with various gardening methods and tree types while recording his observations. Eventually, in 1996 his experiments and collaboration with his partner Becky Northey led to the development of a system of tree shaping he dubbed “Pooktre.”

Today Pooktre grows 5 pieces a year ranging from coffee tables, bed-ends, candelabras and even quirky “Living People Trees”. They also offer their help to others who want to grow their own furniture, and happily invite collaborators who are interested in growing commissioned pieces. Pooktre’s designs are unquestionably a unique expression and recall a natural beauty that can often be overshadowed by the sheen modern design.

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Tip via Alex Sheehan