Following today’s theme of animal excrement as viable design material (dare I say Tuesday = “Poo”sday?), here’s another great example of turning waste into function. It turns out elephant dung is chock-full of the fibrous materials ideal for making paper. The Great Elephant PooPoo Paper Company collects the waste from elephant conservation parks, rinse, boil, and color it, and add a dash of other natural goodness like banana and pineapple tree fibers. The sheets are even formed naturally, the paper pulp poured and into a tray angled against a tree, facing the sun to dry. It doesn’t get much more pure than that! Plus the notecards, stationery, and envelopes are simple, colorful, and many boast the image of the company’s namesake “elefriends.”

Even better, a portion of PooPoo Paper profits go towards elephant welfare and conservation efforts. And at every level of their business process, from dung collection to design, production, packaging, and labeling, PooPoo Paper is committed to sustainable practices and supporting positive social impact for all creatures (man and elephant!) involved.

+ The Great Elephant PooPoo Paper Company