Breakfast pastry Pop-Tarts transformed a vintage Airstream into an oversized toaster, with giant Pop-Tarts ready for the taking. The silver Airstream toaster rolled up to Park City, Utah, surprising athletes who are enduring Olympic Trials during the 2014 winter Olympics. The vintage trailer was given the full toaster treatment, complete with push down lever on the camper’s door.

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Kellogg’s commissioned Airstream to turn one of their iconic silver trailers into an oversized classic looking toaster as part of Pop-Tart’s support for the US Olympic team. The adorable camper made its way around Park City, stationed around various “Road to Sochi” Olympic Trials being conducted in the city, evoking a smile from passing Olympic hopefuls between practices and trials.

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The aerodynamic Airstream was the perfect and obvious choice for the Pop-Tart mobile with its traditional shape already evoking toasted breakfast goodness. Aside from the toast-lever on the door, Pop-Tarts also installed two faux toasting slots on the camper’s roof. Popped and ready, two frosted and sprinkles-covered Pop-Tart treats jut out from the camper’s roof. Olympic figures and winter scenes adorn the exterior of the vintage Airstream, commemorating the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Pop-Tarts is also an official sponsor of the USA Olympic Team, and has come out with a patriotic flavor called 2014 Team USA Strawberry, with includes red filling, blue frosting and white stars.

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