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Set within a cobble-stoned central square, the four structures of MM1 create a miniature courtyard space between them, separating the urban intervention from the pedestrian thoroughfare. The existing square serves as an area hub, bringing together locals who use the tram stop, bike share parking and recycling drop off bins.

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Because it is well-trafficked, the area has become overrun with advertisements and media. Rintala Eggertsson designed MM1 to bring beauty back to the stop with the series of four timber-clad pop up galleries to cater to the artists and cultural workers that inhabit the area. Set beneath an old chestnut tree, each volume contains an exhibition of works from a contemporary artist. The volumes do not open up, but instead invite passersby to view the art through the varying windows along their facades. At night, the interiors are lit, so that visitors may view the exhibition regardless of the time.

MM1 Exhibition room brings contemporary art to the general public, while also giving locals a taste of how to reuse the central square space with cultural flair.

+ Rintala Eggertsson

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