Looking for an eco-friendly way to dine out that’s good for both your health and your wallet? Check out BIOMAT, a temporary concept restaurant that lets diners exchange compost for discounts on their meal.The restaurant made its debut early last month as part of Vienna Design Week 2013.

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Created as a joint effort between renewable resources company BIOMAT and Vera Wiedermann Design Studio, this weeklong experiment aimed to inspire other restaurants to adopt a similar sustainable model. Here’s how it works: diners bring in their bags of compostable goods, which are weighed by the kilo and assigned an energy value. Diners would then receive a single Euro discount for every kilo of donated bio-waste; the coupons can be used towards part, or all, of the meal.

“Like the vision of the future, the self-sufficient kitchen, you pay more if you don’t bring any rubbish with you,” says Wiedermann. A large black rolling composter ball transports the compost to a local urban farm, where it’s converted into biofuel in a biogas system.


Via Springwise

Images via Vera Wiedermann Designstudio Facebook