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Based in Antwerp, Belgium, the design collective works from the former solar panel shop, turning it into an event space at will. They employ recycled and found materials in their décor as a tribute to the shop’s former use. For their most recent pop-up, Atelier Solarshop scoured the streets of Antwerp for discarded mirrors, and fallen tree branches.

Thick, knotty branches serve as racks to display handmade clothing designed by one member of the collective. Pieces of tree stumps display vases and hand bags, and discarded wood has been used to build makeshift platforms for wallets and clutches.

The group constructed an arched half wall to divide the space into boutique-like areas. They cut pieces of scrap paper into rectangles, then hung the sheets in rows on either side of the wall, emulating the bark of the found branches. The effect resembles a blown-up cross-section of a tree, or a hut found in the forest.

The designers’ wares are arranged like an art installation, engaging visitors in a more creative way than a standard retail shop might. The mirrors are placed about to reflect the wares and the store’s wood elements.

Atelier Solarshop’s pop-up shops are an extension of the collective’s creativity – they combine each member’s design aesthetic with the sustainable history of their location.

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