When people say Deuce, they’re usually referring to Detroit or the number 2, so we were a little surprised to see that term pop up on a concept car for San Francisco surfers. Nevertheless, we like this sharp EV, which is designed with gullwing doors and a hatchback for the ultimate mix of style and utility. The Deuce features unique cargo options such as front trunk space under the hood a la Porsche, a surfboard rack up top, and space inside the rear hatch for stowing your adventure gear. We have to assume the battery pack is stored in the floor like in the Tesla Model S, since there isn’t much room left anywhere else for it.


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The Deuce also has a panoramic windshield for awesome views while driving down Highway 1, and a short wheelbase. We love the mix of sporty elements reminiscent of Audi sports cars and the Lexus F-series with the future-tech windscreen and gullwing doors. Would a surfer really drive this car to the beach at Santa Cruz, and could he afford it in the first place? Ah well, no matter. The two-tone color scheme in the rear-view photo is just plain awesome, and check out the wraparound rear LED tail lights.

+ Popa Lucian

Via Auto Evolution