We just can’t get enough of Melissa Cotton. Melissa has been featured several times on Inhabitat now – most famously as the author of the ever popular How-To-Make-a-Terrarium article that we ran last year, but the girl is more than just a creative green thumb. Melissa also has a line of home accessories that are as playful and inventive as her terrariums, called Poppycotton.

Inspired by the colorful (and slightly creepy) pop-art aesthetic of 1960’s cinema like Rosemary’s Baby and The Stepford Wives, Melissa scours flea markets and vintage stores looking for bold vintage fabrics that hearken back to an era when homes weren’t afraid of a little pop and color. She recycles these unique retro textiles into vibrant pillows, lampshades and wall hangings, creating the perfect colorful accent pieces for an otherwise minimalist room.

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Not only is the work gorgeous, but every item is environmentally friendly, recycled, handmade AND completely unique. Melissa makes each of these items on a sewing machine in her bedroom, so if you purchase one you can bask in the knowledge that there will never be another one like it. Considering that, they are also surprisingly affordable.

Poppycotton is finally starting to get the attention it deserves, and we are so proud! Melissa was just featured on Daily Candy and now she is being flooded with orders from around the country.

Prices start at $45 from Poppycotton >

PS> We are slightly embarassed to call your attention to this, but yours truly made a little “Inhabitat Home Video” with Poppycotton a few months back. Its not the slickest video ever, but if you like Poppycotton, (or Inhabitat) you might enjoy this: